TTT Program:
A program for first-line practitioners to enhance skills in the identification and report of suspicious financial activity.

The proposed action enhances their capacity to use financial investigation (FI) and big data analytics in suspected cases of THB through virtual reality multiplayer serious game-based training (VRSG).

The courses combine online training with face-to-face seminars and VRSG session. The online training will exploit the HERMES training platform, considered best practice by the European Commission, with over 3000 registered users and over 25 courses in a range of European languages.

UNCHAINED will recruit 100 trainers from relevant LEA units (20/ pilot country) and 100 trainers (20/ pilot country) from private business and public authority::

Selected LEAs (esp. counter-OC/-THB, and financial intelligence units).

Private businesses & public authorities well-positioned to identify suspicious financial activity (e.g. financial providers, high value trading and cash-rich industries, social benefit administration, labour inspectorates).

Both groups will be introduced to key trends in THB and how these correspond to patterns in the financial flows of its criminal proceeds, elicited through case study research. Long-term, LEAs and private/public bodies will be in a better position to identify, disrupt, and dismantle the THB chain.

The skills acquired through the LEA training will be tested through VRSG, based on real cases, allowing law enforcement officials to apply their skills interactively from different physical locations, while receiving expert feedback. Responding to the dynamic nature of the criminal process, the scenarios simulated can be easily adapted, allowing participants to prepare for diverse scenarios with minimal infrastructure and costs.

Training for private businesses and public authorities will focus on identification of suspicious financial activity and standardised reporting procedures for close cooperation with LEAs. Crucially, training for this second group will reach extensive numbers of interdisciplinary and international beneficiaries using VR boxes, exploiting the learning potential of VR with minimum costs and equipment.

Using the Train the Trainers (ToT) methodology and based on the UNCHAINED LEA Toolkit and Toolkit for private businesses and public authorities.

Training Certification

A certificate to present to successful participants of the ToTs, based on the results of the post evaluation test and formally recognised by the MOJ-IT. This will certify that recipients are qualified to hold their own training courses following project completion.


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    This project is funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police, Grant Agreement 101021612. ISFP-2019-AG-THB.