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Considering that bidders for the requested solution are not available in the MEPA system (electronic portal for public procurement), the Project Partners, through the project secretariat AGENFOR, defined a transparent methodology to collect offers and select services, as defined in the project description approved by the EC. GENERAL PROJECT RULE 1 : Within UNCHAINED, service contracts and supply contracts worth between €50.000,00 and € 150.000,00 are awarded by a facilitated open procedure in which the procurement notice and the tender dossiers.
Within the framework of UNCHAINED, the consortium needs to acquire the following specialized services that are not available in the MEPA platform:

5 full Licenses and 2 Test Licenses

5 full licenses for minimum 5 contemporary investigations installed in Italy, by the Prosecutor Office of Padova and its investigative offices and two test versions installed in the LEAs partner premises. The licenses consist in a Data-based intelligence software platform, on premises or browser, with the capacity to import structured and unstructured files from different sources (national DBs such as the Italian SDI; highway transits; driver licenses and vehicles registers; banks financial transactions; business company registers (like Italian Telemaco) and similar DBs; real estate property, fiscal and tax registers, electronic billing, access IP log on cloud services, phone calls analysis, including ID spoofing calls, interceptions and digital forensics extractions). The platform should allow the user to edit and perform entity-detection on textual content and to archive any kind of multimedia content. The platform provides the capability to crosscheck structured data with unstructured data (manual import) adding several analytical possibilities, including correlated analysis of entities, link charts, geo-referential maps connected to entities and space-time events and financial transactions, with financial equalization.

The conditional call for offer concerns 5 full licenses for Italy and 2 test licenses for Spain and Germany through strong authentication (user and password connected to a Token OTP) and full independent management.
Interface must be customized in line with EC regulation and logo/graphic provided by AGENFOR.
Installation and services: 5 licenses must be installed in Italy, under the Coordination of the
Prosecutor Office of Padova, and 2 test licenses must be installed by the German and Spanish partner for testing purposes and a training course for 40 operators in English and Italian after the installation.

Gaming Platform

The multiplayer Virtual Reality serious gaming platform allows national actors to train simultaneously and interactively from different sides of the continent. Designed to ensure a tangible impact across MSs, expanding on the four pilot countries:

Using VR allows complex scenarios and financial chains to be replicated, with hundreds of editable variants and contexts (e.g. different methods of money transfers, involvement of different crimes, application of different directives/regulations). The simulator can be supplemented with new variations, responding to emerging patterns. VRSG provides an advanced form of learning-by-doing that immerses trainees in a range of scenarios while monitoring their actions and decisions within these, fostering deep thinking concerning the consequences of their actions (Bogost, 2007).


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