Case 40

Trafficking in Persons, Fraud, Cybersex
Agenfor International
Assessed case number:
CRIM. CASE NO. 2009-337
Brief description of the case
Covering the period between July 2008 and April 2009, at Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, the defendants in question knowingly and willfully recruited, transported, harbored, provided or received nine women from various cities of Philippines, by exercising of fraud, deception, or taking advantage of their vulnerability. Some victims were promised to work as assistants in parts of the philipines or similar types of jobs overseas, but then later were coerced to proceed with cybersex work. Some of the victims agreed to this work. The victims were provided the necessary equipment such as computers, established and secure internet connection in which they were requested to cater to the needs of their online guests within the chatrooms. In exchange of their performances, the cybersex performers were paid a salary of PHP 15.000 per month. They also had to engage in prostitution or pornography. If the victims broke internal rules, they were coerced with threats upon them made by the defendants.