Case 39

R v Byron
(Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
Assessed case number:
no number
Brief description of the case
The victim and a friend traveled from Ontario to Quebec to meet some new people, including Jamie BYRON who paid and arranged for their travels. The victim was introduced to BYRON when she arrived in Quebec and stayed with him in an apartment with other individuals. The victim was lured in with the “lover boy” modus operandi, thinking that BYRON wanted to have a romantic relationship. The victim’s friend was able to leave, but the victim remained as she did not have money to return home. BYRON soon after told the victim that she belonged to him and would be working for him. The victim told BYRON she was only 17 years old and tried to resist; as a result, the victim was threatened and physically assaulted. BYRON intentionally damaged the victim’s identification documents and forced the victim to provide sexual services to a man for money. BYRON made this arrangement and kept the money the victim earned. The victim was subsequently moved throughout various cities in Quebec and Ontario over a two-month period during which time she was prostituted by BYRON and forced to have sex for money with more than 100 men.