Case 31

Trafficking in persons, abuse of power or a position of vulnerability, exploitation of the prostitution of others.
Agenfor International
Assessed case number:
The Police Vs Alexandru Onofrei, Comp. No. 841/2014
Brief description of the case
In September 2014, the defendant was living in an apartment in Qomri, Malta. He was living with A and her daughter, B, as well as his partner C. A and B came to Malta from Romania. The defendant had created a website ‘Escort Europe’ where one could find A’s mobile number and photos of A and C in underwear and showing intimate parts of their bodies. Neither A nor C approved of this website, but the defendant resorted to physical violence if they resisted. The defendant’s partner, C, rented another apartment in San Gwann, Malta, but only the defendant had effective control over it. The apartment in San Gwann was used by the defendant so that A could meet up with male clients for sexual encounters against payment. A had three or four encounters of a sexual nature there for a week. She was forced by the defendant who would verbally threaten her, or beat her up, if she did not comply. A was paid 80€ for a half hour of sexual activity and had to pass 40% of her earnings to the defendant. The defendant also forced C into prostitution. C went to a hotel about three times to provide sexual services to clients. She did not want to give sexual services but was forced by the defendant who was physically violent with her if she refused. C was also taken to the apartment in San Gwann for prostitution. C felt like she was not free to leave and was afraid of the defendant.