Case 17

Human Trafficking and Prostitution
Assessed case number:
330 Js 8125/17
Brief description of the case
The perpetrators (1 man from Nigeria and 1 brothel operator with Lithuanian citizenship) forced a woman from Nigeria in Germany to prostitution in the brothel of the Lithuanian citizen. About the background: The Nigerian originally helped the victim to flee Nigeria for economic reasons with the promise of a decent job in Europe. She had no money and initially had to engage in street prostitution for him in Italy. In Nigeria, he had taken her to a voodoo priest who swore her to do whatever the perpetrator told her to do. If she did not do this, the voodoo would kill her. In Germany, she was raped several times by the Nigerian, including by johns. He sexually abused the common child with her during the whole time. He had taken the ID card from her. From Italy, they first went to restaurants in northern Germany for the purpose of illegal prostitution. It is noticeable that the restaurants were run by Thai and Bulgarian women. A guest in the brothel then filed an anonymous police report with reference to possible human trafficking and forced prostitution.