Case 09

Human Trafficking and Prostitution, Pimping
Assessed case number:
Brief description of the case
According to the findings of the judgment, at the end of October 2019, the defendant, who resides in Germany, lied to the 20-year-old Romanian injured party P. via chat messages that he wanted to start a family with her in Germany, that she should attend a language course and that he would give her a better life than in Romania. In fact, the defendant wanted to lure the injured party to the vicinity of Munich. so that she would earn a monthly living for both of them as a prostitute with at least € 3,000. On December 6/7, 2019, the injured party, who had never left Romania and pretended to her parents that she would stay in Romania, moved into the defendant's one-room apartment believing she was in a love relationship with him. A few days later, the accused asked the injured party to work as a prostitute; in order to make her compliant for this, he strangled her so that she could not breathe for a short time and threatened to throw her out of the 10th floor of a building or to hand her over to "the Albanians". Since the injured party refused, the defendant temporarily arranged a job for her as a cleaner. When the injured party wanted to work in a supermarket, the defendant replied that he would decide where she worked. Nevertheless, the injured party did not separate from the defendant because she was attached to him and also feared that she would not be able to get along in Germany without him as she did not speak the language.