Case 02

Offences of Trafficking in Human Beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation, prostitution-relating and document fraud.
Patricia Bueso (FUNDEA)
Assessed case number:
Roj: SAN 630/2019 - ECLI:ES:AN:2019:630
Brief description of the case
The accused perpetrators, since at least 2015 and together with other unidentified persons in Nigeria and Spain, had been acting jointly and carrying out different functions and tasks, to recruit young women in their country of origin, Nigeria, with the aim of bringing them to Spain and other European countries, such as Norway, Denmark and Italy, using false documentation, all this in order to force them to prostitution. In this way, they achieved their aim of making them leave their country of origin, taking advantage of their precarious economic situation and offering them false promises of work conditions and legal status. Once they were in Europe, they forced them to work as prostitutes for the benefit of the criminal group. The perpetrators told the women that they had to repay the financial debt they had with the traffickers for taking them out of Africa, and kept them in a state of constant intimidation through the ritual of "voodoo", which was deeply rooted in their country, generating a state of intense fear in the victims, serving as a mechanism of control that the traffickers exercised over the girls that were thus controlled and remained loyal to the trafficker and his associates. In this way, the victims were forced into prostitution for the benefit of the group, since all the money obtained by the girls through prostitution was distributed among the different members of the criminal group. The investigation of the trafficking network was initiated thanks to the statement of a witness and the network was dismantled through the financial investigation that was carried out.