Case 01

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STS 3750/2020 (Resolution Number: 565/2020)
Patricia Bueso (FUNDEA)
Assessed case number:
Crimes of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation, coerced prostitution, and sexual assault
Brief description of the case
The accused formed part of an organized group that was dedicated to recruiting, by means of deception, women in Bulgaria, who were offered work in Spain, in order, once in this country, to exploit them in the exercise of prostitution, by means of aggression and threats. Within the framework of this activity, one of the perpetrators made contact in Bulgaria with the victim, with whom he established a sentimental relationship with the sole purpose of achieving his illicit objective, for which he convinced her to move to Spain, where she could develop a job and earn money, telling her that he would also travel to this country to start to live together. In the belief of such statements, the victim travelled from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Madrid. Once in Spain, she was told the real purpose of her journey, which was none other than to work as a prostitute, and was told that she had no other choice. They told her that she had no other option, as she had to pay them the money she had spent on her journey, warning her that if she did not obey something bad could happen to her and, given the fear generated and being in a country she did not know and in which she had no contacts, with no knowledge of the language, she had no other choice but to agree to the indications of the defendants. The victim was mistreated and raped on several occasions and other victims were recruited by the same method.